Aces Wild's threefold mission is to:

1. Demarginalize the voices of women and people of color, calling for them to participate in the telling of compelling and resonant human stories as playwrights, directors, designers, and creative playmakers.

2. Bring marginal communities center stage through reimagined classics and invigorating productions of contemporary stage plays and musicals that employ heightened language, music, heightened or magic realism, dance, or call for complete physical embodiment.

3. Maintain a commitment to perpetuating theatre's cultural significance through bold theatrical story telling; that which fuels passions while engaging the mind, and nourishing whole communities and individuals alike.

Aces Wild is a diverse, international, company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Aces' has a rich history of successes including, over the last decade, Glass Menagerie (2000), Twelfth Night (2004), Scapin the Cheat (2006), Anna Bella Eema (2008), and The Tempest. Starting with A Dream Play in 1990, Aces Wild producer, Tom Hird, has overseen a dozen works that have played locally and abroad, including Perebanez, The Masque of Beauty and the Beast, Open House, The Honorable Urashima Taro, Taming of the Shrew, and now, Yerma, Unruly Mujeres, and Savage/Love. This longevity is proof of our firm commitment to embracing and innovating theatrical traditions.

Dawn Monique Williams, joined the company in 2000 and became resident director in 2004. Other core company members are professional actors, community members, and alumni or advanced university students from California State University, East Bay, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Critics have said:
''The rich language, strong acting and excellent sound design help move the play along.'' -ThreeWeeks
''Theatre as pure storytelling doesn't get much better or more charming than this.'' -Hairline UK